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lives in the fishing village Sao Filipe

The Dane VINCENT (44), has found peace on the Cape Verdean island of Fogo after a traumatic past in which a gang war in the rock milieu plays a role.  For 20 years he has been living on Fogo with his Cape Verdean wife LUISA and his children. The demons from the past are part of his life - but if there is a place where he can fight them, it is the wide blue sea around the volcanic island. Hopefully...

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lives in the crater of the volcano

ALCINDO (32) was born in the crater basin of the volcano on the island of Fogo - a true Cape Verdean. His goal is to change his life up there in the volcanic village and that of his family. The poverty he experienced as a child should not be suffered again.
A possible eruption of the "Grand Señor" will not stop him from living in the crater CHA DAS CALDEIRAS. But how does LAETICIA see it? She has just left France to live with ALCINDO in the black paradise.

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lives at the volcano belt

RALPH (65) from Northern Germany is now landscape architect on his own little line of land on the belt of the volcano. With the help of the locals he has the goal to set a botanical garden for native plants in the dry land.
Ralph has now found his home after a hard workaholic phase, several heart attacks and cancer. Unfortunately, his Romanian wife ELLA is extremely unhappy with this life on the black island, which is not very fertile for her. Paradise? Paradise looks different for her...



the volcano

For all three protagonists of this cinema documentary, every day is JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE - a DANCE ON THE VOLCAN - that's life. But how is all this to be seen when the volcano erupts?

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE tells the story of the year before the great volcanic eruption up to the great change in the lives of the protagonists.