Fogo - this is the island of your dreams - it is paradise. Tropical plants growing on the black earth of the volcano, surrounded by the blue of the ocean and a warm wind blowing. Living your dream every day might become one day JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE - until the volcano erupts and everything changes ...


The glowing lava pours over the paradisiacal volcanic island of Fogo - a symbol of curse and blessing in the lives of the three protagonists. They courageously defied their fate to find love, happiness and their foreign homeland on Cape Verde. Alcindo has overcome the poverty of his family in the volcanic crater village - Laeticia from France wants to live there with him, on the Cape Verdean island of Fogo. Ex-bodybuilder Vincent was able to escape his traumas in Denmark and find peace with his family at the foot of the volcano. Ralph left Germany behind and with his love Ella created a plant paradise on the inhospitable volcano island. They all stood on the abyss, they all courageously took their lives into their own hands.

In impressive pictures and with simple clarity this film shows at the same time the vulnerability and the power of nature and people. Each picture and each conversation sensitively captures these contrasts.
(DOK.fest München / Morgane Remter)


The Cape Verde island of Fogo, the island of fire, lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, west of the coast of Africa and is connected to one of the most active volcanoes on earth. The villages of Portela and Bangaeira are located in the centre of the original crater basin called Chã das Caldeiras. Around 1,800 people lived on an area nine kilometres in diameter - in their black paradise. European emigrants dream of living here. A few dared to do so.

For over a year, Maya Reichert's film team accompanied the lives of two emigrants and a local on Cape Verde's volcanic island. Always under the watchful eye of Nuestro Grand Senor, as the islanders call the volcano. In the early morning of 23 November 2014 the first explosion was heard and a never-ending thunder was heard - the almost 3,000 metre high Pico do Fogo had awoken again. For 77 days a new crater spat the red magma to the surface. The lava masses mercilessly rolled everything down, buried the villages, the fields under fire and glowing stone.


JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE wurde durch den Filmfernsehfonds Bayern und durch die FFA Filmförderungsanstalt finanziell unterstützt. 





Fogo means fire. And this name reveals what the island in Sotavento with its 40,000 inhabitants is: a volcano. With its 2829 metres, the volcanic mountain Pico de Fogo as the highest elevation of the Cape Verde Islands determines the landscape of the island. The Chã das Caldeiras is a collapsing crater of a huge volcano from prehistoric times with a diameter of almost 10 kilometres.

To the west of Fogo lies the largest city on the island, São Filipe, which with a population of around 20,000 is the fourth largest city in Cape Verde after Praia, Mindelo and Assomada. Here is also the island airport, which is served only domestically and therefore only offers connections from and to the other islands.

In November 2014, a natural disaster occurred at the Pico do Fogo volcano on Cape Verde, practically without the world's public being present. As a result, over 1800 people became homeless. Just 3 km as the crow flies from the eruption centre was the Dort Portela. Actually it should be called "in the volcano", because the house collection was not only built at the foot of the Pico do Fogo, but also in the Caldera "Cha des Caldeiras".

Here you will find our treasure chest Fogo with recipes, music, hiking tips and information on the lives of the three protagonists today.


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Maya Reichert - Directrice

Anyone who turns the advertising film production from a 180-degree turn into a documentary film must be serious about loving the real life captured on the screen. With an open heart, alert eyes and a burning interest in the question of individual life, the filmmaker leads the team through the 3 shooting phases on the Cape Verde island of Fogo. We owe the open insight into the life of the protagonist to her.

Marcus Winterbauer - Cinematographer

With HERBSTGOLD, BELTRACHI - DIE KUNST DER FÄLSCHUNG, RAISING RESISTANCE and FULL METAL VILLAGE, Marcus' list of successful documentaries is far from over. If a cameraman has managed to have an artistic handwriting attested to him in the visual language, and at every moment of the shooting he nevertheless manages to put the protagonist and his story in the foreground before any vanity of the artist, then that is Marcus. Powerful and sensitive at the same time, he comes close to the protagonists.


Moritz Springer – Sound

"Paradise may not be a place," says Gentleman, the protagonist from his own documentary JOURNEY TO JAH, "but an inner state." He, the former Munich resident, will also pursue this universal question at Fogo. As a sound engineer with his own directing experience, he is indispensable and a stroke of luck for the film DANCE ON THE VOLCAN.

Helga Amado - Locationmanager

On site on Fogo a film team is lost - if it doesn't have a Helga who knows every person on the island as well as the special Creol language of the Fogolese.

Lucia Scharbatke - Executive Producer

A very special relationship to Cape Verde is maintained by the prestigious producer and lawyer Lucia. JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE is dedicated to her late father, who pointed out the special energy of the island of Fogo. It is thanks to her experience in documentary film that we have been able to manage the financing and the most demanding production over three shooting phases and one volcanic eruption.

Frank Müller - Editor

The man who cuts a film, who mounts the filmed moments, is to thank for the story of the film. The list of films that Frank Müller has already edited is long - from the films of Doris Dörrie to several award-winning documentaries. The little lava cottage is still standing on his editing table today - our trip to Cape Verde was something special for him too.


Reichert & Scharbatke Filmproduktion in Co-Produktion mit Fruitmarket Medien und Kultur und KAAMOS Film.

Thanks also to the team in the background

Schnittassistenz: Sophie Oldenburg und Jonas Windwehr / Sprecherin: Solveig Jeschke / Musik: Superstrings, Carolin Heiss & Marc-Sidney Müller / Main Mix  & Sounddesign: Clemens Becker, SOUNDPOST SENDLING / Foley Artist: Max Bauer / Foley Studio: Normann Büttner, MELOTON / Script: Maya Reichert & Lucia Scharbatke / Consultant: Daniel Sponsel / Line Producer: Marius Ehlayil / Location Manager: Helga Amado Alves / TEAM ANIMATION Animation: Miriam Bergner, Zoe Jungmann, Daniel Neumeier, Marcel Pesker, Stephan Pöhlmann, Technial Support: Garri Steba, Supervisor: Prof. Jürgen Schopper / TEAM CROSSMEDIA DoP: Lambert Strehlke, Photography: Tom Gonsior, Concept: Morgane Remter, Producer: Tobias Pollok, Design Web: Florian Weinhart / TEAM FRUITMARKET KULTUR UND MEDIEN GmbH, Koproduzent: Arne Birkenstock, Team: Sebastian Lemke, Merle Rüffer, Kirsten Schauries, Laryssa Stone / DAS WERK POSTPRODUKTION: Lisa Holz, Michael Spötzl, Egi Seipler, Supervisor: Timon Relitzki / Digital Colorist Supervisor: Thomas Hanser / Digital Colorist Assistent: Phillip Pils, Online Operator: Sebastian Eicher & Phillip Pils / Übersetzung: Helga Amado Alves, Eileene Byrne, Maria Elisa Scheidt / Transkript: Sylvain Cruziat, Katharina Ludwig, Camille Tricaut / Legal Consultant: Dr. Heidrun Huber / Tax Consultant: Siegmund Brosch, Buchhaltung: Ariane Weber / Versicherung: Roman Schaller, Daniela Plunien / REISE Team Zebra Travel: Luisa Jorgensen, Liliane Barber, Carina Correira, Miki Rodriguez